LIFE or DREAMS by Anupam Sharma

My 17-year-old neighbor died recently because of a #HeartAttack. He appeared for 12th exams this year. He had scored 97% marks in 10th. Her mother told me that the last thing he said before sleeping last night was “Mamma India me Nahi padunga main, bahar jaaunga”. Her mother was sleepy that time so asked him to sleep by asking “Chal theek hai chale jana par abhi to so ja”

He never woke up again.

Heart attack to a 17-year-old kid, doesn’t this sound insane? I was wondering about his thoughts before his last sleep. 

“The UK, US or Canada or perhaps Australia”

“Which course?”

“Only Bachelors or Masters as well”

“A girl he possibly liked”

What if he was given an opportunity to choose “Would you like to live more but as an absolute average? You will be given a life till 80 but you would not be able to achieve any of your current dreams.”

Do we dare to tell our children “Hell with if you achieve what they call success? Live your life without taking any stress at all, no pressure of performance. We’ll never judge you by your marks, never push you for dancing, singing, GK reality shows, only do it if you enjoy doing it”

I ask you, what is more important, #Life or #Dreams?